2012 Gym Gear!

Here’s some of the gear that helped me a lot to get past 2012 in gym: supplements, shoes, gloves and other stuff. I’m not a big fan of new year resolutions. I can produce five of those per day and never remeber them again, so I prefer making resolutions on days I can actually remember them.

2012 been a year of total weight loss for me. Lost a total of 14 kilos (within around 3,5 months) and remained on that number while increasing strengh for some time, which is a good indicator for me.

I’m very far away from being an expert on the subject, but that makes what I say a bit more valuable: I know for absolutely certain what I’ve done (all logged) in order to get where I got, and what was especially helpful for a newbie like me. If you’re taking some advise from here, consult your doctor and talk to your trainer, lifting straps may make it feel easier to make deadlift for you, but it doesn’t mean you need to jump straight to 120kg ;)

Also, all links to Amazon are direct, not affiliate. I’m sharing it for sakes of interest, not profit. And I’m not affiliated with producers any of mentioned items.

Anyways, let’s start!

Nike Running Shoes

Nike Free Run 2, very comfortable running shoes. They cost around 100EUR, but they’re totally worth the cost. After jogging in commodity 20-30EUR shoes, these guys made a huge difference for me. They’re quite light, very soft, and sit of a leg very comfortably. Also, trying them on in your local shoe store doesn’t cost anything!

SoftSole All-sport Insole

That thing fits into any shoe. Also helps to jog, your shoe a bit less flexible, but a bit softer, supports heel and arch. Helps people with splayfoot a lot.


My gloves are around 3 years old already, and should be retired by now. But I’d say that any fitness gloves should work just as well, like these. I think most of them have leather or rubber cushions for better dumbbell or bar grip.

Lifting straps

I have these, but any other thing would work just as well. If you’re beginner doing deadlift, your arms and fingers may get tired way before your back. Same with amount of weight you pick: sometimes beginners choose smaller weight not because they can’t handle it with their back, but because their fingers can’t hold it for long enough. Keep training your fingers, but to support you while deadlifting, try these. Very useful thing. The ones I mention here also have soft foam rubber cushions on the back side to reduce pressue. I’ve tried same ones without cushions, and they rub wrist pretty hard, which doesn’t help at all.


I personally like Moleskine: good paper, good cover. If sweat drops, you won’t have half a notebook damaged. I prefer to use a A5-sized one, as I keep track of excercise, food, supplements, weight and body measures. That’s just about a right size to fit it all to a single page.

Headphones that don't fall out your ears

That was probably the best discovery of 2012. First, I'm now able to leave my phone near the threadmill, have no wires around my neck, and these are probably first headphones that do not fall out my ears. I like the sound, and haven't experienced major bluetooth interruptions. Feels good. I've chosen JF4 Freedom Bluetooth, lightweight and sweatproof, besides all mentioned goodness.

Body Tape Measure

That one is way easier to use than regular tape measure (the ones that do not roll back are especially annoying). If your body measures is one of the metrics that’s interesting for you, that little devise will help you to make the process of obtaining it way simpler.


I’m taking Alpha Lipolic Acid (300mg), Green Tea Extract (1260mg), Polycosanol (10mg or 20mg), Garlic Extract (500mg). That’s a “standrad” stack from 4 hour body book, helps to lower LDL, raise HDL, lower body fat.

Also, Magnesium is helpful to alleviate cramps (especially useful when jogging or biking for 60+ minutes), also known to influence cardiovascular health, improves REM sleep.

If you want to get to know more about supplements, you can get some advise from Examine.com

I’ve tried purchasing same thing from different vendors, and have it all from one. The price difference is very insignificant. But I’m sure there’re possibilities to find it all for better price, especially outside Germany.

My favorite, whey protein. I’m drinking it daily in the morning, and after workouts. Helps when trying to build up some muscle.

Very useful to use with shaker.

Creatine, helps to increase high-intensity excercise capacity, which will help you to improve Lean Body Mass. After “loading” period of creatine you’ll be able to lift your working weight for 25% more repetitions.

Teh sleeve of coolness

Mostly useful for the guys with longer hair that gets on the way when in gym.

Spase invader shooting sleeved head:

That's all, folks! Hope it was useful for you!

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